Candidate requirement

At Spanishnanny Agency, we consider our nannies to be part of an elite group. All candidates must meet the following requirements: Have a minimum of 3+ years of professional full-time nanny experience. Have an up-to-date DBS (formerly CRB) and First Aid Certificate. Have at least two written English references with current phone numbers and email addresses. Speak an upper-intermediate level of English. Commit to a family for at least 1 year. Be eligible to work in the U.K. Many families value additional qualifications such as formal education in child care, teaching experience, musical talent, fluency in a foreign language, and nutritional knowledge. A Nanny is an employee in a private family who takes full care of a child or several children from their birth to early childhood. Nanny roles may be in sole charge as well as sometimes sole share with one of the parents.

Our Aim

Our aim is to place you with the right family, the one who best match your skills and requirements. We hope to place you with the family where you will be happy in a long term. To ensure this, we will always hold a thorough face-to-face interview that would last up to 1:30hr. We would like to get to know you and what you are looking for so we could match you with the right family, we would also check references, DBS, ID, passport, NIN and qualifications.
Spanishnanny Agency also provides an on-going support and advise service for those who need it. Sometimes things might not go as smoothly as we like, but we are always here to try and resolve any problems and discuss any issues or grievances.
Feel free to call us if you have any queries or need some advise. Mon-Fri 9am-6pm and Sat 10am-2pm.

Profile and experience

The majority of nannies registered with Spanishnanny Agency has on average between 3 and 10 years of experience, hold a diploma in childcare, a DBS and at least First Aid Certificate. The candidates are also monolingual, bilingual or trilingual and can travel with the families. We always customise our recruitment process and introduce candidates solely in accordance with the requirement of each family. It is essential that our candidates are well trained and qualified for the position and can adapt to the needs of the given family so that the parents may completely and utterly trust the nanny with their children’s well-being. As entrusting your child/children to a nanny requires a lot of confidence in the candidate’s skills and demeanor, we make sure that you can rely on the nanny’s professionalism. Each nanny position differs depending on the age of children, the role within the family, required profile and experience and assigned responsibilities.

Duties and Responsibilities

Here you may find a non-exhaustive list of duties and responsibilities of a nanny: Looking after the children, dropping and collecting them from the nursery, primary school, after-school activities, etc. Changing nappies, feeding children, sterilise bottles, organise and make sure children follow a structured routine as well as nap times, organising age related activities and their diary, helping them with their homework, stimulating children’s development through activities and games, bathing and dressing up, shopping and preparing fresh balanced meals, children’s laundry and ironing, maintaining the children’s area tidy, clean and safe, keeping a journal about children’s progress, regularly informing the parents about their children’s activities and development, teaching a language if required, taking the children to the doctor with parents’ permission, babysitting when required, teaching good manners in relation to parental expectations. Spanishnanny Agency place nannies permanent positions, both full-time and part-time.


Fee Structure

Nanny Salary "Guide Gross”

Nanny salaries can vary and depend mainly on number of children and  nanny’s experience and qualifications, however they generally range from:

Please note this is a Nanny Salary “Guide only” (based on current market conditions):

  • DAILY / LIVE - OUT NANNY £ 12.50 - 16.50 / hour
  • LIVE - IN NANNY £ 589 - 746 / week
  • 5 DAYS / 24 - HOUR CARE £ 1,240 / week
  • AFTER - SCHOOL NANNY £ 14.50 - 17.50 / hour
  • MATERNITY NURSE 6 DAYS (single baby) £ 1,637

We require a minimum of 20 hours a week for all placements.