Quality Service

6 Point Quality Checklist

We have a meticulous logistical system in place to ensure all documentation pertaining to quality, security and safety are checked and adhered to 6 Point Quality Checklist.

To ensure that your family has the right nannies to choose from, they are all screened and selected based the checklist:

1- Logistics

Quality: We only have highest quality nannies, with a minimum 3 years experience and at least an upper-intermediate level of English is chosen. We further require a minimum of two written references with current telephone numbers, in order for us to verify the quality of their previous job.

Security: For your peace of mind, we have a rigorous security process in which we require our nannies to be Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checked, obtain and produce two forms of ID, one proof of address, a National Insurance Number (N.I.N).

Safety: Finally, we also check their original childcare qualifications to make sure each nanny is genuinely trained in their stated fields. Lastly, for your child’s safety, all our nannies are First Aid Certified.

2- Passion

Children are quick to detect those that do not genuinely desire to engage with them. That is why we only have nannies that show a real passion for working with children and their families.

3- Warmth

Nothing is more important than your child feeling comfortable with his/her nanny. Thus, our nannies are selected for their warm and engaging personalities.

4- Personal Growth

We also only chose nannies based on their ability to grow and self-educate, in order to stay at the top of their profession.

5- Professionalism

No nanny will make it past our first interview unless they are prepared, punctual and show care in their personal appearance

6- Compatibility and Commitment

Lastly, we look for individuals that are not just seeking a job but are trying to find the right family with a similar mindset. Thus, enabling them to make a real commitment to their new family.