We find the most suitable candidate to care for your children

Hiring an exceptional nanny is an important
investment in your child’s future

Spanishnanny Agency is dedicated to providing excellent service and ensuring that matching each family with the most suitable child carers. Our promise is to devote the necessary resources to find you the right match. We conduct thorough background checks and carefully screen each candidate to choose qualified, warm, caring, capable and loving people that are sensitive to your children’s needs. Nannies are more than just caregivers; they are counsellors, role models and a direct expression of your family’s values.

We make every effort to place our caregivers with families according to shared interests, leading to mutual satisfaction and positive long-lasting placements. We strive to place our candidates in homes where they can become a role model. We truly understand the rewards of this profession and work hard to give our caregivers the ability to gain the satisfaction of knowing that they made a difference in your little one’s life.

Our reputation is important to us; most of our nannies and families come to us via word of mouth recommendations. We are rigorous in our reference checking and will always err on the side of caution we fully understand the responsibility and trust that you are putting on us to help you find the most suitable candidate to care for your children.

By choosing Spanishnanny Agency you will be setting your child on the path to becoming fluent in the world’s second most spoken language. Also, learning another language is much easier at a young age and unlike school, learning through playing with a nanny will not feel like another laborious chore.

60 seconds with Maite Beltrán

Director of Spanishnanny Agency

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What our clients say about us

Founder & Managing Director

Maite Beltrán

Maite is from Málaga, South of Spain and is the Founder of Spanishnanny Agency. She has over 11 years of experience as a Qualified Nursery Nurse and as a professional nanny, both is Spain and the U.K. However it was twenty-three years ago that she began her journey down a path that sparked her passion for childcare and lead her to opening her own business.

Maite first began working with families at the age of twenty, working as a babysitter in the local neighbourhood. This experience led her to become a Nursery Nurse further compounding her commitment and demonstrating her strength as a caregiver.

Maite went on to become a nanny for high profile families in London where she became adept at engaging with families and identifying their specific needs. It was in 2015 that Maite conceived the concept for Spanishnanny. Launching London’s first nanny agency to specialise in delivering Spanish speaking nanny’s for families seeking both a nurturing and educational environment for their children.

Spanishnanny aims to balance children’s needs by providing not only an experienced and caring nanny but also one who can assist their development and invest in their future.

Spanishnanny is a combination of Maite’s years of knowledge, skills and experience with her passion for childcare and appreciation of the rich Spanish culture. As an experienced childcare professional and also a mother, Maite understands the importance of having a well experienced, trust worthy and caring nanny. This is why she personally interviews all prospective candidates to ensure families can have peace of mind when hiring a nanny. You can’t beat the personal customer service and originality of a small family business.

“Supporting my families was always my priority and along the way I have met such a wonderful people to watch their children develop and become bilingual. This helped me to understand the potential in a specialised Spanish speaking agency. I’ve taken what I’ve learned from my experience and turned my passion into a thriving business. It’s been an absolute dream come true and I want to share my pride in our great community and offer our families’ the opportunity to invest in their children lifetime”.

The Spanishnanny team is made up of experienced childcare professionals. All of our staff are bilingual, being native Spanish speakers with a strong command of English.

Co-Founder & Recruitment Manager

Macarena Beltrán

Macarena is from Málaga, South of Spain and is our Co-Founder and our Recruitment Manager. She holds a Diploma in Early Years Education and a Bachelor degree in Pedagogy. Macarena joined Spanishnanny back in 2016 and even whilst our director was on maternity leave Macarena took on a prominent role in the agency as the main point of contact for our families.

She believes firmly that engaging with families and understanding their needs is the foundation for a successful agency and these values remain integral to our work.

Her substantial knowledge and experience as a Nursery Nurse and as a nanny for over 7 years make her an ideal candidate for selecting the highest quality Nannies for our agency. Her role requires selecting and overseeing all aspects of sourcing our nannies and organising interviews.

Her time spent working directly with families enabled her to develop her skills with children in addition to understanding parent’s high expectations.

Macarena is passionate and dedicated to matching the family’s specific needs with the right candidate.

Macarena provides meticulous service and aspires to exceed our families’ high expectations.

Social Media Manager

Marcela Cozari

Marcela is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina but she was raised in north of Italy, she joined our team last summer in 2018 as a Social Media Manager. She holds a Graphic Design Diploma and completed a Social Media Course back in 2016 as she loved keeping up dated in her carer. Marcela is very creative and friendly and loves taking part in our small team. She also speak four languages fluently, Spanish, Italian, German and English.

Marcela now focuses on our Social Media strategy, her skills and creativity makes her the best candidate in managing our campaigns and handling initial enquires from prospective applicants.