About us

We love taking care
of your loved one

Hiring an exceptional nanny is an important
investment in your child’s future

Spanishnanny.Agency is dedicated to matching families with the most qualified child carers. Our promise is to devote the necessary resources to find you the perfect match. We conduct thorough background checks and carefully screen each candidate to choose qualified, capable, warm and loving people that are sensitive to your children’s needs. Nannies are more than just caregivers; they are counselors, role models and a direct expression of your family’s values.

We make every effort to place caregivers with families according to shared interests, leading to mutual satisfaction and positive long-lasting placements. We strive to place our caregivers in homes where they can become a role model. We truly understand the rewards of this profession and work hard to give our caregivers the ability to gain the satisfaction of knowing that they made a difference in your little one's life.

Our reputation is important to us; most nannies and clients come to us via word of mouth recommendations. We are rigorous in our reference checking and will always err on the side of caution we fully understand the responsibility and trust that you are putting on us to help you find the most suitable candidate to care for your children.

By choosing Spanishnanny.Agency you will be setting your child on the path to becoming fluent in the world’s second most spoken language. Also, learning another language is much easier at a young age and unlike school, learning through nanny will not feel like another laborious chore.